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Executive Protection

Executive protection provides security and peace of mind for those who travel in environments where due to their position, wealth, or social status require a low profile and discreet security service.

In today's unpredictable world, it is often necessary to take precautions.

AKTS NZ provides a professional and discreet service using internationally qualified security advisors who have all worked internationally for either their respective governments or in the international commercial environment.

We use European luxury vehicles, helicopters and private launches to accommodate our client's needs and schedules, from business meetings to private holidays.

Executive Protection services include;


* Protection of a team, individuals or families
* Meet and greet services
* Surveillance and counter-surveillance
* Venue and site surveys
* Risk and threat assessments
* Witness protection services
* Protection for individuals at risk from intimidation or assault
* Security co-ordination and management of New Zealand and overseas visits
* Personal security briefings

Other services we offer include:
* Technical surveillance countermeasures - we can undertake an electronic sweep to prevent eavesdropping on confidential meetings.
* Defensive driving training - we will teach your drivers skills to enable them to evade a potential incident and ensure the security of passengers.
* Hostile environment training - training to support executives travelling to potentially hostile regions. The course demonstrates tactics to manage the specific dangers they might encounter in their intended destination.


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